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P1. Logo competition in Kedainiu „Ryto“ progymnasium. About hundred students participated in it. Then almost all classes took place in voting. The best logo was painted by ŠARŪNĖ SADŽEVIČIŪTĖ.

Kedainiu „Ryto“ progymnasium

We would like to present you our Erasmus corner and Erasmus students and teachers squads. 🙂🙂🙂

P4. Lessons‘ plans. One lesson was planned by using
TPACK and the other one was planned in a
traditional way.


Each partner school is dancing with their all students in
order to draw attention to the topic of the project. At
the beginning of the project this robot dance was
done at school.
This dance will be used at the end of the project, too
as a dissemination activity.


In order to prepare the students for the project. Each students in Erasmus team searched for the occupations of the future and they prepared a presentation about these unexplored occupations, they explained what should be done and what should be known to reach this profession. In each partner school the presentations were exhibited in Erasmus+ corner.

P2. Preparing an online dictionary by using „Web 2.0 tool“ in order to make the terms more clear the topic of the project includes some vocabulary which is not familiar for the students. At this point both the participant teachers and students prepared this dictionary in their own language.

Our progymnasium’s students kindly invite you to play these educational funny games.

P6. WHERE AM I? As the Erasmus group, the students and teachers worked together by using Scratch to code, each partner country defined their
coordinate addressing in a map. Each country added and showed their cultural information on the map.,23.8198365,-49.33884823a,35149.98146876d,30y,0h,0t,0r/data=MicKJQojCiExWl9xbmRZUTJMcjdIQmxjTEJKUEN1RjBDYzYtVmtfMzQ6AwoBMA?authuser=0

P9. RECYCLING ROBOT By using recyclable materials each partner designed a robot in their dreams.

1st meeting in Monchengladbach, Germany

2nd virtual meeting in Dallam school, England

3rd meeting in Salou, Spain

4th meeting in Mersin, Turkey

5th meeting in Cervetery, Italy

6th meeting in Kedainiai, Lithuania

Best moments of ExExEnTe

Our Voki presentations

P7 Soil humidity meter

Our Pictramap